Dysferlin Research Institute

The Dysferlin Research Institute is the branch of the Jain Foundation that directs and manages all aspects of its research funding program.

The Jain Foundation funds basic and translational research focused on understanding and curing dysferlinopathy. The scientific projects we support come out of an interactive development process described in our unique funding model. The projects cover a wide range of topics, including the biological function of dysferlin and its role in muscle, the pathology of dysferlin deficiency, and approaches to restoring dysferlin expression or compensating for its absence. In addition to funding and managing research projects, the Dysferlin Research Institute also develops tools and resources to aid dysferlin research, as well as organizes and sponsors an annual conference for scientists and clinicians studying dysferlin.

The Dysferlin Research Institute arm of the Jain Foundation has evolved over time into a leading player in the dysferlin field. Please view this message from the Jain Foundation president about the current state of dysferlin research and the role of the Foundation.

Please visit the pages below for more information about the following resources available from the Dysferlin Research Institute:

Dysferlin Background
Detailed scientific background on the dysferlinopathies and the current state of dysferlin research, including a list of relevant publications in the field.

Research Tools
Description of research tools generated by the Jain Foundation, such as dysferlin cDNA constructs, animal models, and antibodies, as well as a link to the Jain Foundation research tool sharing network.

Funded Projects
Descriptions of all current and past research and diagnostic projects funded by the Jain Foundation.

Scientific Forum
An online forum for scientists and physicians in the dysferlin community to discuss research progress and ideas.

Detailed information on past and upcoming Dysferlin Conferences sponsored by the Jain Foundation.

Funding Statistics
Graphical representations of Jain Foundation research funding statistics over time.

Apply For Funding
Detailed instructions on how to apply for or renew funding from the Jain Foundation.

Funding Model
Description of the Jain Foundation's unique funding model and interactive approach to managing funded research projects.

Progress Metrics
Proposed metrics to measure the Jain Foundation's effectiveness and the scientific community's progress towards developing a therapy for dysferlinopathy. Such metrics are difficult to define, given the unpredictable and nonlinear nature of scientific advances, but are essential for improving the Jain Foundation's efforts and learning from past results.