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By checking below, you agree to the following terms and conditions for using the Jain Foundation Resource Sharing Network:

1. You will not distribute or publish any information that you obtain using the Resource Sharing Network. The Jain Foundation Resource Sharing Network is a private community, and posting information or resources in the Network is not a form of publication.

2. You will only post scientifically-relevant information and resources. The Jain Foundation reserves the right to remove or edit any information at any time.

3. The Jain Foundation does not endorse or guarantee the accuracy of any information posted on the Resource Sharing Network, and is not liable for any misuse of information posted on the Network.

4. The exchange of resources will occur using the terms and conditions outlined by the parties involved, and the Jain Foundation is not responsible for any dispute arising or resulting from this exchange.

5. By being part of this network, you agree to be contacted about the resources you list and you will do your best to provide those resources in a timely manner.

6. You certify that you have the authority to offer, and the means to provide, all items that you list on the Jain Foundation Resource Sharing Network.

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